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We generate more than 1 000 000 signals per day for hedge funds, portfolio managers and fintech startups using our AI technologies
Our API provides access to various predictive models designed to help you make informed trading decisions. By using endpoints of API, you can access detailed information about models, parameters, historical performance, and underlying signals.

To access our REST API, you'll need to obtain an API key through our registration process. This key ensures that your access is secure and authorized. For unlimited API key with more models contact with us.
Try our swagger documentation or see example on Python:

import requests
apikey = 'get_your_api_key'

my_models = requests.get('')

my_signal = requests.get('')

Inside the box
Our team rebuild Ai-Feynman model for generation formulaic alphas that allows to predict stock prices
We don't believe that machine learning is capable to generate stable profits in the financial market due overfitting. However, we do believe that this method can be used to discover various relationships expressed by algebraic formulas, which are commonly referred as alphas and more robust in live trading.
Slav Arbuzov, PhD
Founder & Visionary
Slav is a visionary with a remarkable background in the financial world. Having honed his expertise within the ranks of top-tier hedge funds, he not only navigated the intricate intricacies of the financial sector but have also built a formidable academic career. Their journey in the finance world has been marked by success, innovation, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional asset management.

With a deep-seated passion for transforming the industry, our founder is on a mission to revolutionize asset management. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication make them the driving force behind our startup, poised to disrupt the way assets are managed and invested.
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